Look through the photos of our past work to get ideas for a custom order for yourself!
Each of the photos on this page are of custom orders created for past customers and many can be duplicated - but please note that due to the availability of fabric, not all the items here will be able to be fully replicated.  Still, we will do our best to make you exactly what it is that you are looking for.
If you are a past customer and would like to send in an action shot of you wearing your Cross Stitches design - please do!  We would love to start a customer picture gallery as well!

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Metalic Blue 80 yard

Sunrise 20 yard with textured yellow bottom ruffle

Autumn Sunset 40 yard with additional glitter ruffle on bottom tier

Rainbow 40 yard

Child's short bumble bee costume skirt with rose accents

Child's short red & blue costume play skirt

Child's long silver play skirt

Child's long electric blue play skirt

Light blue extra large 90 yard

Autumn sunset 50 yard

White 30 yard

White 90 yard with extra long yolk

White 100 yard with extra short yolk

Rainbow Extra Tall 90 yard